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We are excited to announce that our Smart-Buoy is now available for preorders! To celebrate this special occasion, we are offering the first 100 customers an exclusive 3-month free trial, providing access to all the features available in version 1.0 of our buoy.


Since this is a preorder, we'll need some time to deliver the buoy to you. The quicker we reach our goal of 100 preorders, the sooner you'll receive your buoy. Help us reach our target by sharing this with your fellow fishermen!


Rest assured, the trial won't start until you receive your buoy, allowing you to make the most of the 3-month free trial period.


For future orders beyond the first 100 preorders, there will be a 14-day free trial period.


For all customers, including the first 100 preorders:

The monthly price for one Smart-Buoy will be 250kr NOK (after the trial period ends). With this subscription, you'll enjoy FREE access to our web application, where you can:

  • Log your catches

  • Get GPS positions of your fishing locations, from start to finish

  • Monitor your buoy's status (Activated, Deactivated, Underwater, Released, Collected), and check the remaining time

  • Grant access to your crew members with customizable levels of access

  • And much more!


For those who want to receive notifications when someone steals their catch, there's an additional cost of 50kr NOK per month (this feature is included in the 3-month free trial for the first 100 preorders). If you've experienced theft before, you know how valuable this feature can be.

Best verdi

3 Måneder Gratis!

NOK 250


Every month

Et lanseringstilbud du ikke kan unngå. 3 Måneder gratis bruk av Bøye inkl. alle tillegs funksjoner

Valid for 12 months
+ 90 day free trial

1 stk. Bøye


Loggføring av Fangst

GPS-Posisjon fra Fiskeøkt

Måling av Dybde og Temperatur

Egendefinert Utløsertidspunkt

3 Months Free Trail



Every Month

Valid for 12 months
+ 3 months free trail

Bli med på vårt nettkurs
Hvilken tid passer best for deg?

Inngangspris for dette kurset er $ 10


Takk for at du registrerer deg!


Order Now and Be The First Official User Of Our Buoy


Water v2_edited.jpg

200kr NOK /month*


Thank You For The Order

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