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NXT Catch, your NXT leading supplier of the SMART buoy system, taking you to the NXT level of fishing. A tough profession requires tough solutions to make the workday a little safer for everyone. We offer the toughest SMART buoy system, one that will allow you to be even tougher and more economical than you already are. It will also show that you take sustainability seriously.

About us

NXT Catch AS was founded in 2018 by Terje and Henrik Langholm, father and son who come from a family whose previous generations have all fished along the Norwegian coast. Terje represents the first generation that has not chosen to follow his ancestors' profession out at sea. It is said that when you are born along the coast, you are also born with salt water in your veins, and your longing for the sea will always be there.


We have great respect for everyone who makes their living from the wonderful resources found in the sea. Most of these people sacrifice a lot to get food on the table. So, instead of following the family tradition by making our living from fishing, we at NXT Catch have chosen to find a solution that will prevent ghost fishing. A longer-term economic and sustainable solution for the fishing industry.


Tough solutions intended for tough environments will ensure access to the sea's resources for current and future generations of fishermen. The initial idea for this came from Terje's grandfather, Henrik's great-grandfather Anders Leonhard Langholm in 1978. It was then that family members remembered him telling stories about how often they got unlucky and lost their fishing gear. There were many reasons for their disappearance, but bad weather and strong currents were certainly a regular occurrence.


Some were recovered after a period of time, but most of what was lost was never recovered. Finding their nets full of rotten fish was not exactly a good experience, and having a strong stomach was definitely preferable. But it would take 44 years before a technological development was able to realize Terje's vision based on his grandfather's stories.

Gjøvik is not exactly known for being a harbor town, but Gjøvik is home to the world's most famous brand among fishermen, Mustad. Mustad conquered the world in the early 20th Century with its amazing fishing hooks. Therefore, we have great faith that we will also be able to succeed with our SMART buoy system, designed, made, and delivered to the world from Gjøvik.

Our Journey

NXT Catch AS was founded with a vision to make the world's fishing industry more sustainable by developing a SMART buoy system, which would prevent ghost fishing. Our first successful Proof of Concept test was on February 11, 2020, just one month before the Covid-19 lockdown. Since then, it has been a bumpy road trying to complete R&D with three teams located in three different locations, Gjøvik, Kjeller, and Gdansk.


These teams and our excellent developers at DP Iot AS managed to transform our ideas on how the buoys should work into a prototype of a fully workable digital buoy in June of 2022. DP Iot AS developed all of the electronics in the hardware, firmware, and software for our WEB application. Throughout this development journey, DP Iot AS accomplished so much more than we ever expected. This why it's important to choose partners who have the very same values as yours, who want to contribute what they can by making a difference for a more sustainable future.


Our own task in this project has been to set the framework with the desired content and functions for hardware, firmware, and software as well as design the mechanical parts of the buoy itself. Everything from the release connector to the housing for the electronics and the buoyancy element is made with the goal of having the fewest possible parts with the lowest possible costs. To develop a solution in which the fisherman has an opportunity to always be in contact with his fishing gear would be invaluable. 


We will continue development of our SMART buoy system. The buoy has already been equipped with several functions that we plan to use in the NXT generation of buoys. When these features and the new firmware is updated and ready to go, we’ll let you know.  


Our focus has been on continuing the development process while doing everything we can to ensure that the finished product is as affordable as possible for users. To reduce the risks during R&D, we have been granted capital from the grant scheme "Green Future" financed by Innlandet County municipality. They have financed part of the preliminary as well as the main project. Innovation Norway has also given us a startup loan. It means a lot to us that public support schemes have faith in our "game-changing" technology, which will contribute to a more sustainable fishing industry.



Terje Langholm, CEO

+47 416 45 264


Henrik Langholm, CTO

+47 908 96 793

Our Partners

We are so thankful to have these companies as partners. Everything from economical help, to game-changing technology that changes the way we are able to communicate wirelessly anywhere in the world. The trust and engagement we get from not only our partners but also other companies and individuals are so inspiring. Thank You!

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