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Cookie Policy for NXT Catch AS

On this page you will find information about NXT Catch use of Cookies


What are cookies, and why are we using them?

Cookies are small files, often encrypted within your browser’s directory. 

  • They are made for you as a user to be able to easily navigate through our website,

  • and to perform certain functions.


This means that some functions on this website may not work for you as the user if you disable the cookies. When you accept our cookies, they will be stored in your browser, so every time you visit our website your browser will send the cookie file to our website’s server.


You can also choose and consent to add other cookies that will help us further with your user experience. You can withdraw your consent at any time, look at “How to access cookie settings” down below.


Our cookies perform in different durations, some of them are based on session. The session cookies are used to store information about your activity on our website. This means that the cookie can store information about your last activity, so if you choose to go out from the website and the go back in it will automatically detect your last visit to the website. The website itself does not have a memory, therefore we need cookies to handle this.


The use of cookies on our website will also help us to provide a better user experience in the future. How, you may ask. When you are browsing through our website, we collect data about the way you behave on our website, anonymous data to be exact. To give an example we can use that amount of time a user reads a certain page, this can both be positive and negative. If a user spends little time on a page with allot of text, we can change that by shorten the text so it easier to read for the user. If a user spends allot of time on a page, maybe it’s more interesting than other pages, and we should give our users easier access to that information to give the user a more logical user experience.


The anonymous data we may collect is:

  • Geographical information, limited to city

  • Information about your browser and device

  • User behavior (What webpage did you go through to access our website, how mutch you scrolled on our website, how long you staid on cirtain pages, what links you clicked on)


How to access cookie settings:

If you have accepted or denied certain cookies, and you want to change your cookie settings then click on one of the links bellow for your browser and it will show how to edit your cookie settings. If you need help with this the contact us at:


Essential cookies:

These cookies are essential to get the website to work properly:

Skjermbilde 2023-08-06 kl. 14.55.43.png

Optional cookies:

These cookies are optional:

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